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Sober Living


Sober living houses are designed to serve as interim forms of accommodation for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Sober living communities help people make a successful transition from intensive rehab to independent living.

After spending a long period of time in a cycle of addictive drug or alcohol abuse, many recovering addicts don’t know how to live a sober lifestyle. The opportunity to reside in a sober living home allows them to put newly-learned habits and coping skills into practice in a substance-free environment before returning to their usual place of residence.

What Happens in a Sober Living Community?

People living in sober housing communities are required to stay sober for the entire duration of their stay. Other people within the community are going through similar challenges on their own journey to recovery, so they’re more likely to hold others accountable if they show signs of slipping back into old dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

Recovering people living in sober living homes are expected to abide by strict curfew policies and be home at specified times. Random drug or alcohol tests may be conducted from time to time to ensure each person is maintaining sobriety.

Most sober living communities in Utah are structures around 12-step programs, so regular attendance at local group support meetings is required. Others may also need to attend other forms of therapy, as required by their addiction treatment program.

Residents are given access to a range of recovery tools and resources designed to help them maintain motivation to stay sober.

One of the key steps in the recovery process is teaching the recovering person new ways to live a healthy, productive life that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. Residents are taught new skills and coping tactics they need in order to live independently and without constant supervision.

Some sober communities in Utah may subsidize rent expenses and utilities bills. However, residents are usually required to contribute towards other living expenses. The objective is to teach the recovering person to take financial responsibility for their lifestyle, which may include finding a job and maintaining work commitments.

Benefits of Sober Living

The biggest benefit to residing in a sober living community is being away from people and places associated with addictive drug abuse. The recovering person has a safe, drug-free environment in which to put into practice newly-learned recovery skills without temptations or triggers complicating the process.

Sober communities also provide recovering people with excellent social networking opportunities that can lead to long-term friendships. Social interaction with peers who understand the challenges of the recovery process is important for reducing feelings of isolation and for relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Many rehab centers in Utah recommend a range of alternative therapies during the course of treatment. Once treatment ends, some people choose to continue participating in alternative or holistic treatments, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. Others find creative therapies helpful for reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation, so may choose to continue practicing newly-learned creative outlets.

Many people in recovery are encouraged to find new purpose for their lives. Some enroll into education classes. Others participate in job skills training to improve their employment prospects once they return to independent living. Both are excellent options, as there is an opportunity to develop new friendships among non-addicted people at school or at work. Having a new social circle of friends not associated with using helps to reduce the temptation to return back to a cycle of addictive drug use.

Residents can also choose to provide support to recovering addicts who are newer to the process. Helping another person to discover their own path to recovery is a great way to highlight how much has already been achieved by the more advanced person. The benefit to reaching out and offering help to another person is receiving a boost to self-esteem and confidence levels.

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